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Norris Lake Rentals & Vacation Properties

Plan Your Next Getaway In Style & Comfort
The Night Sky, Big Dipper, and Slice of Heaven are NEWLY built Norris Lake rentals located in the prestigious Lakeside Estates, just 5 minutes from LaFollette. These luxury cabin villas sit right on the water's edge, overlooking a fantastic lakefront view.

The Tennessee Sky Is Best Viewed Far From City Lights
Whether you're looking for a romantic retreat, a group outing, or a much deserved family vacation, look no further than the unforgettable oasis that are the
Norris Lake Villas.

These waterfront cabin homes provide 3 floors of blissful entertainment & relaxation. Walking trails, swimming pool, & your very own private boat ramp accommodate all your vacationing needs. Sit back on one of our multi-level decks overseeing beautiful Lake Norris and enjoy some R & R.

Your New Tradition Starts Here
A father & son's first fishing trip, a kiss with your loved one under the Tennessee stars, or that look on your kids face when you pull up for the first time. No matter what "getting away" means to you, we're here to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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More Reasons Norris Lake Rentals Make For The Perfect Break From The Everyday

  • Choose our Norris Lake Cabin Rentals And Enjoy An Amazing Escape From The Ordinary
  • Sometimes we all just need to get away and when that time comes, Norris Lake Tennessee has much to make it well worth considering. Whether you are planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a group event that you want to be remembered for a long time to come, this is a great place to visit. If you have not yet considered Norris Lake as a destination of choice, then the time is right as no matter what time of year you plan to arrive, you will find a large assortment of activities, comfortable accommodations, and the sort of natural beauty that will stay with you for years to come. Having multiple Norris Lake vacation rentals to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit for any size group. Plus, when you choose a Tennessee vacation, you can save on a great experience without the overcrowding and outrageous costs like other parts of the country due to their traditional popularity. Norris Lake remains a well kept secret in many ways and that certainly adds to its charm.
  • A Little Bit About Norris Lake TN and Its History
  • One of the most notorious historical facts about the eastern Tennessee region is that this is where the famed explorer Daniel Boon went on many of his legendary adventures. The Tennessee Valley Authority constructed the Norris Dam in 1936 and had the lake filled by the following year. It took $32 million to finish the Norris Lake project back then, but the results show today. The lake itself stretches more than 50 miles up the Powell River and over 70 miles up the Clinch River, and in all there are 750 miles of shoreline to be experienced here. At its widest, stretches over a mile and in all the surface area of the water exceeds 34,000 acres. As you might imagine, many Norris lake cabin rentals benefit from the seclusion that this area has to offer and that is part of what keeps people coming back year after year. Due to how many of the nation's important historical events have happened here and in neighboring Kentucky or Virginia, many of those who love studying the past come here to have a firsthand look at famous places. Most Norris Lake vacation rentals are very close to a variety of local museums and other historic sites that welcome visitors to come and get a glimpse of life from bygone eras. For extended stays, this can be perfect, but don't forget that exploring the local parks and wilderness areas is also a privileged experience that you just can't have at many other destinations.
  • Wonderful Weather Means Norris Lake Properties Delight You All Year Around
  • One profound reason that lake lovers flock to Norris Lake house rentals is because the climate in this part of the country is just fabulous. You can expect summers to be nice and warm with the kind of perfect evenings that make taking in a sunset or sitting out under the stars a real pleasure. In the spring you will see the riot of blossoms that this part of the nation is famed for and smell the scents from wildflowers that those who love the Cumberland area really savor. Many people also choose Norris Lake during the fall because they adore watching the seasons change, sprouting some of the most picturesque mountain views you'll ever see. The region is even an excellent choice during winter because that mild climate stays mild, which helps to facilitate travel, and ensures you do not get too cold to have fun! If you want to stay indoors, rest assure these exquisite Norris Lake rentals are equipped with all the amenities and creature comforts you would expect at the finest destinations. So when choosing one of our villas, remember that Norris Lake weather is great during each of the four fantastic seasons experienced here each year.
  • A Huge Array of Exciting Activities Mean Lake Norris Rentals Have It All
  • There is never a shortage of interesting things to do here on Norris Lake. If you prefer to get out onto the water, the variety of local Lake Norris marinas have everything to get you set up. You can find food, drinks, snacks, supplies, fishing bait, boat & watercraft rentals, or even get your TN fishing license. Norris Lake rentals always put you close to action and if you want to sunbathe while watching boats skim the water, then a lakefront location can definitely offer you that. In addition for the fishing fans out there, you can hook into a wide array of species including striper, trout, rock fish, walleye, white bass, small mouth bass, crappie and more. We always keep timely access to the most recent Norris Lake fishing report so you can stay up to date on the lastest angling tips from experts to you keep you after that trophy fish. Wilderness areas let you explore the area safely, even offering wheelchair accessible nature trails. While staying at any of the Norris Lake Villas, you're moments from boating, jet skiing, swimming, and a range of other activities you are sure to enjoy.
  • What Makes Norris Lake Vacation Rentals So Great for Families and Groups?
  • Family rentals on Norris Lake are popular because these larger homes let you get everyone together for a great time. As scenic and beautiful as this area is, there are plenty of things for everyone to do that are close by. For the folks who want to see nature up close, you'll near parks, hiking trails and even caves to go and explore. There are plenty of restaurants in the area too, so choosing a great one will not be difficult. If you want to go out shopping, there are plenty of nearby malls where you can easily shop until your heart's content. Museums of all kind dot the map in the surrounding area and you will see that destinations like Dollywood are also close by. If you've not found enough fun on the lake waters, the kids will have a blast at nearby water parks, an aquarium, and a zoo all within easy driving distance. This sheer variety is a huge part of the appeal that Norris Lake has for those who come here not just for vacation, but as part of their lifestyle. Really, you could not ask for a better place than our Norris Lake Rentals to get everyone together and enjoy the best of what America has to offer.
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