Norris Lake Fishing Report & Tips

Get Your Tennessee Fishing License

In order to fish on Norris Lake, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) requires a Tennessee fishing license. All non-residents have options of buying either an annual, 10-day, or a 3-day trout license. Fishing license sales begin annually on March 1st every year.

The 3 options for acquiring your license are listed below:

  • Purchase online at the TWRA website. Keep a printed copy on you while fishing.

  • Order over the phone via TWRA's license sales support line at 888-814-8972. Available Mon-Sat (6am-8pm CST) March through November.

  • Visit any of the Norris Lake Marinas to purchase a license or to get more info.

Norris Lake Fishing Report published by the TWRA

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Norris Lake Fishing Tips From Local Experts

  • LARGEMOUTH BASS - Peak fishing during spring to early summer (April - June), you can find luck fishing deep with lighter tackle options, but don't ignore trying spinnerbaits, top-water action lures, cranks, most all bass assasin gear, flukes, and Carolina rig worms & lizards.

  • SMALLMOUTH BASS - Most catches occur off gravel points and rocky shorelines & banks, typically best in both spring time during spawning (Apr-May) and late winter (Jan-Feb). Live bait works very well, along with larger shiner lures, doll flies with minnows, spinners, & float n' fly rigged lures. If it's windy, particularly in winter throw against wind-hit banks using smaller sized crankbaits. Also, night fishing can be productive with spinnerbaits most all times of year.

  • STRIPERS - Good times to fish are spring through summer months, casting in open waters with live bait. Best to look for pockets of bait fish where they could be lurking, often in slightly deeper water. Use alewife (livebait common to Norris region), shad, and lighter-colored swim baits. Try trolling over humps and around points.

  • WALLEYE - February & March tend to be really good months. During the later part of spring, throwing crankbaits at night into dense weeds can produce catches, or try shad & alewife. Jigging with doll flies that are tipped with minnows works well as summer approaches, along with trolling while using jet lures, rigs with night crawlers, spinnerbaits, and deep divers with long bills.

  • CRAPPIE - Stick to fish attractors like fallen trees and piles of brush using grubs, minnows, crankbaits, & flies. Peak times to catch in volume are usually late April into May, but you can find them in fall time and even winter when focusing in the back areas of these creeks: Big, Davis, & Big Sycamore.

  • CATFISH - Ideal times to hook into a big catfish are spring through summer months. You can find blue, flathead, and channel swimming around in this resevoir. Pick your poison on baits, but cut bluegill, night crawlers, and chicken liver always generate bites when fishing rocky or gravel bottoms.

Norris Lake Fishing Guides

If you're planning on making a trip to Norris Lake, mostly or exclusively to fish, and aren't familar with the terrain & seasonal feeding habits of the species in these waters, it's not a bad idea to commandeer a local guide to help you land that monster fish. Below you'll find a list of local Norris Lake fishing guide services and links to their website.



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