Norris Lake Weather & Water Level

Norris Lake WeatherNorris Lake Water Level
Norris Lake Weather
Norris Lake Water Level

For information about lake levels and water release schedules, call the toll-free TVA Lake Info line at 800-238-2264. Norris Lake is referred to as Lake #17. You can also get email alerts by signing up at

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Norris Lake Weather Seasonal Expectations

  • Norris Lake Weather Makes It A Pleasure To Visit
  • One of the main reasons people love Norris Lake is because the weather is just as hospitable as the people in the area. Norris Lake Tennessee weather is definitely something that visitors here will talk about when they get back home to wherever they are from. This makes a visit here easy to enjoy no matter what type of activities you plan to enjoy.
  • All Four Seasons Can Be Savored at Norris Lake
  • No matter which season you prefer, you can expect it to be mild and inviting here. Due to its position near both Kentucky and Virginia, this part of the Cumberland Mountains gives each of the seasons equal time. That means Norris Lake weather has the cool summer evenings you would expect for a place near mountains and a lake. Also, thanks to the southwest exposure and its southern location, winters are nice and mild. Of course, during the Fall you can expect the full display of colors as the leaves change while in the Spring things begin to come into bloom with a whole new riot of colors and memorable scents. Always remember that when coming to our Norris Lake cabin rentals you can check the weather forecast on our site for the day or days you will be staying there for.
  • Keep Up to Date on the Norris Lake Water Level Easily
  • You can always find out about the state of Norris Lake any time you like. If you want to take your boat out or enjoy some fishing, this is definitely going to come in handy. Norris Lake is Lake #17 with the TVA Lake Info line which you can call 1-800-238-2264 to check. Or, if you prefer to get alerts via email, you can visit and sign up. This lets you be up to the minute with water release schedules and lake levels so you can plan your water outings more easily.
  • Remember Norris Lake Weather in Winter is a Great Experience Too
  • Keep in mind, Norris Lake is not just great for trips during the warmer months, its mild winters make it a perfect retreat when other areas of the country are blustery and cold. You can enjoy many activities and find Norris Lake weather to be easy to deal with when you are traveling. or curl up indoors to watch the lake with friends or family. It's yet another great way to enjoy this beautiful part of Tennessee.